Friday, 30 August 2013

My Real Techniques brush collection and review!

Hey guys!

Today I'm going to show my Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman brush collection and give you my thoughts on each of the brushes. All of these brushes have synthetic bristles which are handcut and super soft. The handles are made from aluminum and are very light. They wash great and dry fast and do not shed! Please make sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them and have a better look at the brushes.

As you can tell, I have quite a few of the line so let's begin....

from left to right: contour, pointed foundation, detailer, buffing

Core collection includes contour brush, pointed foundation brush, detailer brush and buffing brush and retails for around 21 pounds. To be fair, I bought this set because of the contour brush and buffing brush. I don't have much use for foundation and detailer brushes but I'm sure they are good for concealer, I just prefer using another brush for it which I'll talk about later. Pointed foundation brush is also great for applying primer all over your face. I love contour brush for precise countouring, it's a great size for getting matte bronzer exactly where you want it to be and it gives such a nice sheer finish, great for blending too. Buffing brush is great for buffing in your liquid foundation, gives a streak-free finish. Since all of Real techiniques brushes are synthetic, you can use it for both liquid and powder make-up.

from left to right: powder, expert face
Powder (retails for 11 pounds) and Expert face (retails for 10 pounds) brushes are not included in any sets so you have to buy them separately. The powder brush is my holy grail brush and I use it every single day to apply powder in my t-zone and all over my face when needed. I love this brush, it's so soft and huge, definitely the biggest brush I own. The Expert face brush is great for liquid foundation and it does not leave any streaks. Love them both, definitely worth the money!

from left to right: blush, stipple, setting

These three brushes are not included in any sets as well, so you have to buy them seperataly. Blush brush retails for about 10 pounds, Stippling brush is 10 pounds and Setting brush retails for 7 pounds. The blush brush is the only brush that I use for my blush color. It picks up a right amount of powder and blends it flawlessly! The stippling brush is not that much loved by me. It is a great brush, but it gives (as all dual-fiber brushes do) a light application of my foundation and I do prefer for example my Face expert brush for a fuller coverage. I do sometimes use it for cream or liquid blush color. The Setting brush is the perfect size for setting my undereye concealer, I use it for that purpose mostly, but it is also great for applying highlight on the top part of your cheeks. It is not a big deal, but the only brush that wore off the name of the handle is my Blush brush, maybe I just got a bad one, I'm not sure!

from left to right: deluxe crease, pixel-point eyeliner, base shadow, accent, brow

Starter set is a set of eye brushes and retails for 21 pound. It includes deluxe crease, pixel-point eyeliner, base shadow, accent and brow brushes. I love using deluxe crease brush for blending in my undereye concealer, it's great! It's a little bit too big for my crease color but I love that I found another good use for it. Pixel-point eyeliner brush gives you a thick line or gel or liquid eyeliner, so I do not use it that much. Base shadow brush is designed to put on your base color all over the lid, but I do prefer smaller brushes for that purpose. I find it's a great brush for blending out your eyeshadow (almost as good as Sigma's F25 or MAC 217). Accent brush is great for putting and blending out your lower lashline shadow. The brow brush is great for applying your eyebrow gel/powder but just if you only need to fill them in a little bit since it's not precise enough to actually draw your eyebrows.

from left to right: shading, fine liner

I bought these two brushes after I received my Starter Set and found out that the base shadow and pixel-point eyeliner brushes are too big even for my eyes (and I don't have the smallest eyes too). So the Shading and Fine liner brushes come separately and they both retail for around 7 pounds. The Shading brush is perfect for applying my base shadow all over the lid! It picks up the color perfectly and applies it evenly. The Fine liner brush is the one that I use to apply my gel/cream eyeliners and it gives a nice precise line! 

So these are all of my Real Techniques brushes that I own at the moment. I am positive that with the help of all these brushes you can do a full face of flawless makeup. The sets come with nice cases than you can bend and use as stands, but I don't use it like that since the bands holding the brushes are pretty tight and it's hard to get the brushes out fast and who has the time...:) But still, the cases are nice to travel with. I love these brushes so much and I think it's a great value for your money! And I really want to get the Travel essentials kit too. 

To learn more about the Real Techniques brushes you can visit Real Techniques USA website and if you want to purchase any of the brushes in Europe, I recommend Love Makeup website.

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored blog post, I did buy all of the brushes with my own money.