Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Pin-up girl inspired make-up look


Pin-up girls are widely known as glamour, fashion models or actresses. Then I think of a pin-up girl, Marilyn Monroe is the first name I think of.

Perfected skin, black eyeliner and red lips.

The look was inspired by the amazing MUA Lisa Eldridge.

I love wearing red lipstick, but it's definitely not my everyday lip color.  I also think, it attracts a ton of attention to your face, so it only makes sense that pin-up girls always had/has this perfect looking skin with no blemishes or dark spots!

with flash
no flash


  1. To get as much coverage as possible, I used Revlon's Colorstay foundation 
  2. To hide my under eye dark circles, I used a shade lighter concealer. This way we not only hide our darkness but also highlight the area. 2-in-1!
  3. Hide any blemishes or dark spots with concealer that actually matches your foundation.
  4. Apply powder to set your concealers and foundation if needed. My favorite at the moment that actually provides some coverage too is NYX's Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation.
  5. Use some bronzer on the outer part of your face to warm up you skin. Do not over-do it, for this look you want to keep your face as bright looking as possible.
  6. Use pink matte blush on the apples of your cheeks bringing it up to the temples. I used ELF's Studio Blush in Pink Passion.
Left: with flash | Right: no flash
  1. Prime your eyelids, I like using Too Faced Shadow Insurance.
  2. Define your brows. This is an important step. I used ELF Eyebrow Kit.
  3. Take a tapered blending brush and apply a matte light brown eye shadow in your crease.
  4. Using a matte cream colored eye shadow apply it on your inner corner and bring it out on your eyelid a little bit. Also use the same color under your brows to make them looks even more defined.
  5. Use cream or gel black eyeliner and apply it on your upper lash line all the way from the inner part to the outer. Make it a little bit thicker at the outer part. You can also wing it out slightly.
  6. Tight line your upper rim with a black waterproof pencil. I used Rimmel's Scandaleyes in Black. Also, to make your eyes look brighter, apply a white/nude pencil in your waterline.
  7. Take a black eye pencil and apply it lightly on the outer part of your lower lash line.
  8. Apply a few coats of black mascara, if needed, you can even use some false eyelashes.
This looks like a lot of steps, but it's actually very quick and easy to do!


  1. An important step - line your lips with a red lip liner, so your lipstick does not bleed out.
  2. Apply a coat of red lipstick, I used Loreal's Colour Riche in True Red. Blot it slightly with a tissue - that will make the lipstick stay longer.
  3. Apply a second coat of red lipstick. You can totally use the same you used before, but I wanted to try mixing the lipstick, so I applied Covergirl's lipstick in Flame (the famous Taylor Swift's lipstick color!)

 And that's it, you have this glamorous look! Inspired by the amazing pin-up girls!

Let me know what occasion you would wear this look for? Or maybe it's an everyday kind of look for you?

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