Monday, 14 October 2013

Stripped nails

Hi! Happy Monday!

Today as usual I was wandering around youtube and came across this easy and quick tutorial on how to do stripped nails. It looked pretty cool so I decided to try it out!

Apply a base coat to protect your nails and paint them a light color, I used light blue nail polish. You can wait until it is completely dry, but it's not necessary, if you don't wait you will get an interesting texture too. Then take a flosser brush similar to the one I have in the picture and paint a bit of darker color (I used darker blue) on the floss. Brush it on your nails multiple times creating stripes. Keep reapplying the darker color on the floss as much as needed. Then take another dark color, you can of course use any colors you want, I took grey color and apply on the same floss and stripe it some more across your nails. Take one brighter color, I used coral nail polish, apply it on the brush and again create as many stripes of that as you want. I applied three on each nail. Then seal your design with a top coat to protect it from chipping too soon! If you get any nail polish on your fingers around the nails (I got a lot!) just take a cotton swab soaked into nail polish remover and remove it!

It's actually very quick to do and I think it looks great!

Let me know what do you think and if you try to recreate, show me!

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